Kate Rae Davis

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kate now lives in Seattle, where she writes and works on earning a Master of Divinity degree at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. Her degrees in English Language & Lit and Spanish Language & Lit allow her to pretentiously cite poetry while wearing thick-framed glasses. She gains street credit from theologically heavy tattoos.

On the side, Kate works at the school’s front desk and library, interns at St Paul’s Episcopal Church,  and leads Eagle & Child (a social group for MDiv students).

Fort Davis, a welcoming home and defense against the struggles of the world, is currently located in Queen Anne and houses Kate, husband Keller, dog Oliver, a bright yellow desk, and two white elephant tea pots.

Pieces by KRD published elsewhere include: The Sun and the Salutation (The Other Journal); I’m a Christmas Unicorn, She (Stories at The Seattle School).



Constructive criticism and discussion is welcome, but outright rude comments or those with a hateful or condescending tone will be deleted. And no, we don’t debate tone. You know when you’re doing it, I know when you’re doing it, everyone reading it knows when you’re doing it.


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