another celtic-style prayer

Today in Prayer, Presence, & Practice, the professor asked us to take a few minutes to write a prayer in celtic style around a mundane daily activity. I decided to write a circle prayer to set aside study space and time. As a graduate student I have to do a lot of studying, reading and writing. As a person very active in multiple areas of my community, I am often distracted, which quickly leads to frustration.  This prayer might be a prayer to be read aloud, as much for my sake and God’s ears as it is for the ears of those around me.

Circle Prayer for Studying

Circle this space, Lord. Keep serenity near and drive away distraction.

Circle this time, Lord. Keep focus near and drive away despair.

Circle this study, Lord. Keep wisdom near and drive away folly.

May the meditations of my heart and the words I deliver be pleasing to You.

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