mardi gras + lent i

Since this year I’m giving up style for lent, for mardi gras I thought I should have one last day of color and fashion. I went as colorful as I could with bright teal jeans, peacock feather earrings, an over-the-top antique necklace, and bright purple eye shadow.

Truthfully, I did it out of obligation, glancing longingly at my pile of black T-shirts and just waiting for lent to arrive so I wouldn’t have to do this anymore.

So it’s no surprise for me to say: this last week has been easy. Great, even. Normally, I would have felt insecure that I wasn’t quite vintage/thrifty/hipster enough at a show. I would have wondered what to wear to an author speaking event where I knew I’d see classmates. I would have agonized over what to put on for my husband’s boss and her family coming for dinner (I want to look classy, but still casual, but …).

It’s a time saver, but more so, it’s a mental energy saver. I don’t need to think about how I look. I don’t need to evaluate my body at the start of every day. I don’t need to compare myself to others when I’m out.

This lent is a huge sigh of relief.


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